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Withdrawal Pro Consumer Care Guide

Withdrawal Pro, is short for Withdrawal Professional. This product was conceived and tested over years of use at the clinical site of the Elemental Health Program for addiction.

Congratulations on your decision to leave drug addiction behind.  This formulation was designed for optimum relief of the symptoms of drug addiction withdrawal.  In purchasing Withdrawal Pro you have obtained the best product available for use in mitigating the symptoms of withdrawal.  If a person has not gone through withdrawal personally, there is almost no way for them to understand the courage and fortitude that it takes to undertake the cessation of drug use.

Something for the individual contemplating taking on the challenge of breaking the hold of drug addiction is the incredible reward! That reward is nothing less than freedom! The freedom to control your own life. Through history, the desire for this freedom has driven men to lay down their very lives! Keep that in mind when you are going through withdrawal.Once you have won this freedom, you will not be: Chained to waiting hours at the pain management clinics, at the pharmacy for refills, running out of meds and suffering until your next doctor visit, or bartering with your neighbor for a few pills to tide you over. Withdrawal Pro will help you break the chains of withdrawal and return to a life free of these impediments.

The Withdrawal Pro Guide is provided to you up front and free of charge to help you through this difficult process. The guide will explain what your body is going through and how Withdrawal Pro can help. We have found that there are four basic keystones to success. They are outlined in our downloadable guide. These keystones are:

  • Understanding
  • Preparation
  • Getting started
  • Recovery

The first one, UNDERSTANDING is listed below because it is probably the most important to read before starting.


During extended drug use, the processes in the body that create and regulate neurotransmitters, hormones, and other chemicals decrease or cease to function altogether. Withdrawal Pro supplies the vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and herbal supplements needed to replenish these processes. Until you rebalance your system organically, you will experience withdrawal symptoms.  Our goal is to get you through that quickly with the least withdrawal symptoms possible.

Typically, people cannot tolerate the prolonged symptoms of withdrawal and revert back to the drug use. The reason that there is no one pill that can cure withdrawal is that during chronic drug use your body uses the drugs you take in place of the naturally produced neurotransmitters and endorphins.   Your body no longer feels the need to manufacture them and you become “addicted” to the substitute drugs that you are taking. At this stage other hormonal systems are interrupted and decrease production causing a host of other problems that you may not even recognize.  You may be experiencing: confusion, loss of memory, lack of ambition, low libido, low energy, weight changes, binge eating, etc.

You can RETURN TO YOUR LIFE.  You can withdraw from those drugs and allow your body to recover.  Withdrawal Pro helps in three ways:

  • First, Withdrawal Pro supplies significant amounts of the nutritional building blocks to assist the recovery of the mechanisms that create the natural neurotransmitters, hormones, and chemicals in your body. In effect flooding your body and “feeding” it the materials it needs to organically manufacture these things.
  • Second, Withdrawal Pro has supportive supplements which help your body alleviate pain naturally, increase energy and calm the system.  With these dietary supplements the symptoms you experience during withdrawal should be similar to those you would have with a serious cold or flu and they will probably last about the same amount of time.
  • Third, we provide tracking tools to you to help you stay focused on your goal, the dosing schedule, and tracking your progress through detoxification.  Both are important because you want to maintain enough of the building blocks in your body to maintain a continuous and even level.  As you progress and your body heals, you will find it encouraging to see the symptoms of withdrawal recede.  This alone helps you stay positive and stay in the program through completion.  These are included in the kit you will receive.