Our Company

Withdrawal Pro was born in 2001 when one of our founders (we’ll call him Dave) was injured in an Equine accident.  With many variations, this is the story of many of our clients.  After the accident, Lumbar back surgery followed  with ever increasing doses of pain medications. Two years later (still on pain meds) further complications in the upper spine required more treatment and access to more medication.  I say access because by that time full addiction had set in.  Several years went by and the pain medications needed to increase.  At this point the dosage of Oxycontin had reached to over 800 Mgs per day, and while insurance covered it,  using had taken over most aspects of life. Realizing this, the Oxycontin was replaced with Methadone …. A worse decision could not have been made.  Withdrawing from Oxycontin or Oxycodone is a nightmare, getting off Methadone takes place just outside the gates of Hell.  It is so difficult to withdraw from that many that have begun Methadone, stay on it for life.  The really sad, and most amazing part of this story is that he and I were both partners in a small Pharmaceutical consulting firm.  If it can happen to someone in this situation, it can happen to anyone, believe it!

There is an upside to this situation, already being in the Pharmaceutical business we had some options.  After much study into the problem of drug addiction and working with a physician, we developed our own treatment program actually using some compounds that were not approved yet in the US. After much trial and error we came up with a protocol that involved the afore mentioned compounds and the Beta formula for Withdrawal Pro.

Using these we were able to get Dave free of Methadone’s hold.  Seeing the benefits of this program we opened our first clinic in Toronto.  Treating client after client we made improvements in the Beta formula for Withdrawal Pro until it was so effective that this product alone, developed from the original Beta formulation, was more effective at reducing the symptoms of withdrawal than anything else we had encountered.

After almost four years of developing Withdrawal Pro, we sold the clinic and went into full production of Withdrawal pro. The Withdrawal Pro you purchase today has gone through two updates in the last two years. The most recent was the addition of Astragin, a completely naturally occurring substance included to increase bodily absorption of the Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and compounds in Withdrawal Pro by 66%.  We are committed  to continued research and improvement so that you receive the most technologically up to date, and best product that we can offer.

Steve Vaisey
Executive Director
Withdrawal Pro