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I was an addict for over 5 years. It had taken everything from me, my life, friends, my relationship was in ruins, I felt like a slave to a pill. Everything I did depended on having drugs to be able to do it.Im a 115 pound female that was doing 400mg  EVERYDAY, it really had a hold on me, and I was slowly seeing that I couldn’t do it anymore. I wasn’t even getting high, I was just not getting sick.If any of you are out there reading this right now and you are at all contemplating releasing yourself from your own self inflicting prison, dont wait anymore. I was lucky to find Withdrawal Pro, it is the best system to be doing this with.I am thankful everyday of my life that I am not a drug addict anymore and now for the first time in years…I feel like I am going to have the best life ever. It may mean I have some tough decisions ahead of me, but I am so ready to face them. It doesn’t matter what happens anymore, it is going to be for the best.

Rachel (last name withheld for privacy, but on file with Suppli-Care) 2013

Withdrawal Pro was recomended to me by a friend that I know got off oxy. It worked! it really really works! I had to get off it! 6-40s a day. I followed the program the same way my friend Brad did and got through it with just feeling like a cold!For 1/2 of what I was spending in a day on the Oxy I got off the s**t.Thanks for being real.

Glenn (last name withheld for privacy, but on file with Suppli-Care) 2013

I tried xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Competitive product) it was nice just two capsules in the morning and two at night. THE ONLY PROBLEM WAS THAT IT DIDN’T WORK! I wouldn’t have wasted my money on, or even tried another home remedy if a friend had not gotten off Meth using withdrawalpro which is supposed to be far harder than heroin to get off. It got me through it pretty easy and Ive been clean for 6 weeks now. I know I can stay that way from here on!

Derrick (last name withheld for privacy, but on file with Suppli-Care) 2012

I just used Withdrawal Pro. I had been taking Methadone for the last three years and just as everyone told me I could not stop taking it. The sickness was so bad that I couldn’t go more than a day and the sickness would drive me back to taking the stuff again.  Your treatment really works, it made the suffering tolerable so that I could hold out until the sickness stopped. As I said on the phone you are welcome to post this on your site. Thank you for everything.

 Tony (last name withheld for privacy, but on file with Suppli-Care) 2014

Thank you! (The subject of most all of our mail here at Suppli-Care, Makers of Withdrawal Pro)

Steve Vaisey, Executive Director (LOL!- Also on file at Suppli-Care)