Withdrawal Pro Product Overview

Withdrawal Pro

Unique 2 – Part System


Here is a quick overview on how the best clinical withdrawal remedy, came to be the best home withdrawal remedy.

Withdrawal Pro was designed to be the most comprehensive home withdrawal remedy ever created. It was formulated and tested over a four year period in our own clinic. Withdrawal Pro minimizes the symptoms of opiate drug withdrawal by providing the compounds needed to “kick start” the neurotransmitters in the brain and to provide support to the mechanisms that manufacture chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, that have down regulated, or been replace during opiate use.

This all began with the study of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and what caused those symptoms.  As scientists and doctors learned more, they came to understand many of the symptoms result from chemical imbalances caused by the long term use of opiates.  Many doctors and health care workers today are not familiar with these bodily changes and therefore do not understand the importance of externally correcting the imbalances.

Withdrawal Pro supplies a continual source of the needed components, in a highly absorbable configuration. This is the most efficient way to ease the symptoms of opiod drug withdrawal.

Studies have shown that about 9% of the US population will misuse narcotics at some point in their lifetime, this includes illegal drugs like heroin and methamphetamine as well as prescription pain pills.  These drugs can cause physical dependence within as little as 10 days. As physical dependence develops, the body requires more opiate to avoid withdrawal symptoms because its own natural systems are being blocked or down regulated by the use of external drugs. Over time, greater and greater amounts of the drug become necessary to produce the same effect and to avoid withdrawal. The time it takes to become physically dependent varies with each individual, but the majority of people are addicted within 3 weeks of continuous drug use.  This includes people not abusing drugs for recreation, but simply taking them because they were prescribed for pain. In some cases, people who unknowingly become addicted to opiates that were prescribed them for pain relief or while in the hospital, undergo withdrawal when they stop taking them.  They may not even realize it is withdrawal and attribute the symptoms to a cold or a case of the flu.  They may be irritable, not sleeping well, be fatigued, have diarrhea or just generally feel bad.  If they understood that this was probably withdrawal and took the right nutritional supplements, they could minimize or completely avoid feeling this bad.

Drug addiction is under estimated, poorly understood, and mistreated.  At Withdrawal Pro we are dedicated to helping you understand this condition and to helping you overcome its hold on your life.  We hope this overview has given you an understanding of what addiction is and how taking the right nutritional supplements can help you over come your addiction.

Don’t suffer the symptoms of opiate withdrawal any more than you have to.  Begin to ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, even before you discontinue the use of drugs. See the Withdrawal Pro guide or Click on ORDER for delivery options.