Withdrawal Pro Remedy – Product Info

Why choose Withdrawal Pro withdrawal remedy?

  • Withdrawal Pro will greatly ease the suffering of withdrawal!!!
  • Withdrawal Pro is absorbed 66% more efficiently than other remedies!
  • Withdrawal Pro was designed and tested under real life conditions in a clinic!
  • Withdrawal Pro provides you with a personal Advocate to help you through it all!
  • Withdrawal Pro’s  Personal  Advocate  Program
  • Withdrawal Pro was developed and tested in a nationally recognized addiction withdrawal clinic with one goal, to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and to be the best withdrawal remedy available.
  • Withdrawal Pro is a withdrawal remedy formulated using ingredients shown in university and private studies to be particularly effective in easing the symptoms of drug withdrawal.
  • Withdrawal Pro is the only remedy that incorporates AstraGinTM.  AstraGin allows your body to absorb the amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to ease withdrawal symptoms up to 66% more effectively than competitive products. The more of the remedies ingredients that are actually absorbed into the body, the better. Read more about AstraGin at: http://getastragin.com/
  • Withdrawal Pro’s dosing schedule (two gel caps, two tablets in the morning, 10 tablets one taken every two hours, and then two more gel caps, and two tablets taken at bed time) delivers a constant stream of nutrients to help relieve painful withdrawal symptoms and facilitate absorption throughout the day. Between the ingenious use of AstraGin and the Withdrawal Pro dosing schedule to facilitate absorption, you may spend a couple extra bucks at the onset, but when the benefit is less suffering, you will find that the extra five or ten dollars was worth it!
  • Withdrawal Pro’s leading competitor’s remedy may be $10 or $15 less expensive. They supply you with only two capsules in the morning and two in the evening. While cheaper, four capsules are not enough to deliver the maximum amount of nutrients needed to reduce withdrawal symptoms effectively.  Even if the capsules were made the size of footballs in an effort to deliver as much nutriceutical compound as Withdrawal Pro, your body could not absorb the nutrients in two huge doses, not the way it can when delivered in a steady flow, spread out over the whole day. Between our dosing schedule and the use of AtraGin, your body has much more of the necessary nutrients available for absorption.
  • Withdrawal Pro’s  withdrawal remedy comes with every thing included in one package, at one price. You do not have to order additional products i.e. night time formulas, post withdrawal formulas, designed only to separate you form your money.

     Professional drug withdrawal help is now available to you for home use, and that help is Withdrawal Pro!!!!

Our formula is based on published data and experience from use in withdrawal clinics.