What is Withdrawal Pro?
Withdrawal Pro is an all-natural mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and herbs which help replenish vital nutrients to help protect and rebuild your brain and body health.

Does it work?
Yes very well!  Withdrawal Pro was developed at the Elemental Health Program clinic in Canada.  There, over three years, it was tested and reformulated until it became the most effective formula for the reduction of withdrawal symptoms available.  It is now manufactured and packaged for home use.  It includes detailed instructions and helpful  tracking charts to make it easy to use and to succeed.

How does it work?
During extended and chronic drug use several of the body’s functions diminish and several chemical compounds decrease production or cease to be made. Withdrawal Pro provides the building blocks that the body needs to resume the natural manufacturing of these chemicals as well as to help the body restart  stalled functions. This reduces the symptoms of withdrawal to a manageable level.

How much does it cost?
The entire system is $89.00 plus shipping (UPS) to you. Overnight delivery is available. (shipping costs are calculated on the website).

How long does it take to get it?
Withdrawal Pro is shipped on the same day that the order is put in if the order is received before 2:00 PM Eastern time. Then delivered depending on the shipping option you chose.  Next day is available.

How is it taken?
Withdrawal Pro is a 2 part system. You take two gel caps and two tablets in the morning, followed by one tablet every two hours after that until bed time, and then 2 more gel caps and 2 more tablets for a total of 4 gel caps and 10 tablets per day. This system is formulated with AstraGin which improves absorption by the human body.

How soon after being taken does it start to work?
Everybody’s physical make up is different, Withdrawal Pro begins to be absorbed by the body almost immediately. Maximum effects are realized within a day or so.

How long does the whole process take?
Every person is different, typical withdrawal is most serious for the first 4 to 6 days, residual symptoms may last for days or to some degree for even a week or more after that.

Is Withdrawal Pro guaranteed?
Yes, Withdrawal Pro is guaranteed against any defects in manufacturing. Due to the differences in individual physiology and the way individuals may choose to take the product, we cannot specifically guarantee how much relief an individual will achieve. But it is safe for us to say that our reputation is on the line with each unit we sell, and maybe more important and to the point, key people that worked on the development of the compound and the people putting together Withdrawal Pro have been through what you are about to go through. They would not see you suffer one moment more than necessary….Not one moment more than they themselves would want to!

Can Withdrawal Pro be taken with other drugs? Vitamins?
Yes, taking it with other vitamins is probably redundant and so not really worth doing. But yes, you may take it with any drugs “street” drugs that you may be taking and in fact it is recommended that you begin it a few days before you discontinue the street drugs that you have bought it for in the first place. It is important to note that anyone considering taking anything in conjunction with another drug(s) or anyone that is under 18 years of age or pregnant should check with their doctor before doing so.