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A city in southwestern California. It's 12 kilometers north of Los Angeles. Population 139000 (1980). Founded in 1887. There are aircraft, aircraft engines, auto parts, machine tools and other manufacturing and light industries. It is also a retail center and wholesale point. There is Glendale University. The city is famous for many parks.
South Pasadena (also translated as South Pasadena) is a city in Los Angeles County, California, with an area of 8.9 square kilometers and a population of 24292 in 2000.
南帕萨迪纳 (South Pasadena,又译南巴沙迪那)是美国加州洛杉矶县的一个城市,面积8.9平方公里,2000年人口24,292人。
Arcadia is a city in the north of California, about 20 kilometers away from Los Angeles. In the northeast of Los Angeles, it is a small city where Chinese gather.
Los latus is a region of Central America. It joined the Central American United Province in the 1830s and was classified as the sixth state. The capital is Kett saltnango, and its area includes the western part of present-day Guatemala and some parts of Chiapas, Mexico.
Palo Alto, also translated as Palo Alto or Palo Alto, is a city in the San Francisco Bay area of California, which belongs to Santa Clara County. Palo Alto is close to mountain view, Los Altos, Mount Los Altos, Stanford University, potola Valley and Menlo Park. It was named after the mahogany tree called El Palo Alto, and for others to haunt and immerse themselves in the real tradition of the ancient El Camino.
帕洛阿托(Palo Alto),又译帕罗奥多或帕罗奥图,是在美国加州旧金山湾区的一座城市,隶属于圣克拉拉县(Santa Clara County)。帕洛阿托临近山景城(Mountain View) 、洛斯拉图斯(Los Altos) 、洛斯拉图斯山 、斯坦福大学 、波托拉谷 、门洛帕克(Menlo Park)。它被命名后称为厄尔尼诺帕洛阿托的红木树 ,并为其他出没沉浸在古老的El Camino真正的传统 。
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